Windsurfing competitions, racing events

Event participants and organizers have had certain expectations of how the event they attend or organize is run. Unfortunately, the expectations do not always match and create misleading assumptions and cause difficulties to resolve challenges. The Racing Rules of Sailing (Racing Rules of Sailing – Windsurfing edition) are taken for granted, but not applied consistently throughout events and therefore cause misleading expectations. Often the organization lacks the named responsible persons, e.g. protest handling committee.

What it means in practice is the fact that we recognize the right of way rule but then overlook all other rules related to organization and participation. 

Therefor, it is very important to either organize an event fully under the sailing rules or openly acknowledge the fact that the event is more less club type of event with open participation but not governed by the sailing rules.

Windsurfing racing events in Finland will be classified as follows:

Manage2sail listed races:

  • Racing Rules of Sailing will apply
  • Competitors must have membership in one of the SPV membership clubs. SPLL, apart from being an association under SPV,  is also the SPV registered club.
  • Benefits on top of the ability to utilize Racing Rules of Sailing is support from national judges and SPV as national sailing organization. Racing events can be used to qualify national teams to competitions abroad when needed.

Other races

  • Racing event organizer is not a member of SPV
  • Racing Rules of Sailing cannot be used. Racing event organizers will need to provide their own rules.
  • Competitors can’t utilize SPV as an escalation channel since Racing rules of Sailing are not applicable.