2. Ranking competition

The second ranking competition took place in Yyteri on 13th and 14th of Jun 2020, only a week after the first one in Helsinki.  
Light wind forecast most probably contributed to lower amount of competitors. 

I asked Lauri Huikko from Raceboard class to comment on the competition. 
“It was good to be back in Yyteri. This time the weather was perfect for the beach goers, but maybe less suitable for windsurfing. The wind was pretty light during the weekend. Anyhow, we were able to race on both the days completing 5 starts in total. Unfortunately only Raceboard class had enough participants to compete.  
First racing day was sunny and hot. The wind was light and with lots of shifts. That always means a lot of pumping and sweating on the course for us. Benjamin Blinnikka dominated by winning all three starts on Saturday.
Sunday was another beautiful day with light wind. It was already early afternoon, before the first start could take place. Despite the forecast the wind was slightly stronger than day before. We got planing conditions for up-wind and for short periods even for the down wind legs.  Wind shifted a lot again during the day, which make the racing always more interesting. Juha Blinnikka was fasted and won both the starts of the day. 
Overall it was well arranged competition. Thanks for the organisers.”  said Lauri.

2. Ranking Yyteri 2020 results

photo by Petteri Nenonen